Boule at the FAREHAM Pétanque Club, Henry Cort Drive, Fareham, Hampshire. French Boule is a game for all ages, all the family - Why not try it? Come and watch and see.
   The first night's play at our new terrains 20/11/2013
  The Fareham Pétanque Club - The follow-on Club from Limesdowne PC of Catisfield

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   Daytime play at our first-ever weekend competition

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Southern Counties Pétanque Association Leagues

Teams in the Leagues come from as far away as Worthing, the M25, Basingstoke etc.

Fareham Petanque Club Teams

- For 2015 the Club will run five league teams. The division make-up is :

  • Fareham Conifers - Southern Counties 6-a-side League, Division 2
  • Fareham Maple Leaves - Southern Counties 6-a-side League, Division 3
  • Fareham Redwoods - Southern Counties 6-a-side League, Division 4
  • Fareham Oaks Nines - Southern Counties 9-a-side League Div 1
  • Fareham Acorns Nines - Southern Counties 9-a-side League Div 2
Note that for 2015 the FPC Teams were renamed from the old Limesdowne Wonders etc

There is often a match on a Thurs or Tues evening - come along and watch


Results for the 2014 leagues:

  • Limesdowne Wonders - were bottom-but-one in the top Division 1 of the 6-a-side League
  • Limesdowne Aces came in third in Division 3
  • Limesdowne Marvels - continued in Division 4
  • Limesdowne Leopards Nines came third in Southern Counties 9-a-side League Div 1
  • Limesdowne Lions Nines were 'the strongest team' in the 9-a-side League Div 2
( NB: full league tables and fixture lists/results are available at the SCPA website)

The Southern Counties Pétanque Association

- for Pages about the SCPA and its clubs... including:

  • Events / Fixtures / Leagues
  • Officers
  • Council/Executive Meetings
  • Newsletters
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SCPA is part of the English Pétanque Association

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Which is federated to the British Pétanque Association

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A very interesting read is the Wikipedia on Petanque atétanque

Just imagine the main individual pétanque tournament that takes place every year in Marseille, with more than 10,000 participants and more than 150,000 spectator.....


Also see....

UK Petanque Portal For the sport of petanque within the uk. "The world wide petanque and boule community, by and for users."



We play in all weathers.

League matches especially go ahead even if it rains (we do stop however if the rain is so heavy that the cochonnet floats away....)


And games can get serious.
So out comes the tape measure....




For General Information on the Game

go to Playing - for Pages about Pétanque -- ..

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