- A nice place in Hampshire. . .
Between Southampton and Portmouth. Just to the west of Fareham and next to Titchfield, overlooking the River Meon valley and Titchfield Abbey

The road through Catisfield was once the main route for all the traffic between Fareham and Portsmouth to the east and towards Bitterne and Southampton to the west. Samuel Pepys probably rode through it on his travels as did Margaret of Anjou on her return from marrying Henry VI at Titchfield Abbey at the bottom of Fishers Hill.

Once an independent hamlet, it has become adjoined to the town of Fareham. It was first mentioned in 1210, in the Pipe Roll of the Bishop of Winchester.
It is part of two Conservation Areas, one of which protects part of the pleasant Catisfield Lane and the other covering the land going down to the Meon River and the historic Titchfield Abbey.

The Meon is a very attractive little river, which flows into the sea (the Solent in fact) less than 3 miles away.

Catisfield from the air showing the (now gone) Elmshurst, Catisfield House, The Limes...... Old Aerial c. 1930 compared to today Catisfield Hill - the old main roadCatisfield Hill - the old main road Catisfield House....Catisfield House. Henry Cort is said to have lived here

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Once upon a time Catisfield had a number of 'big houses' for the local gentry, various Admirals and so on. With cottages for some of the servants.
Some of the big houses have gone, a few remain (with different uses). There were also farms - now built on.

Now it has many more houses - and many more trees!

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-- History - with many Images old and new
Catisfield..ELMSHURT house...Elmshurst House (now demolished) Catisfield..Sheepshearer Cottages Sheepshearer Cottages (now demolished) Catisfield Post Office - and bus service...... The Old Post Office (now private house) and bus service that was Catisfield St ColumbaCatisfield St Columba (tin tabernacle) - demolished

Stoney (Anjou) Bridge at bottom of Fishers (Catifield) Hill ... Stoney (Anjou) Bridge at bottom of Fishers (Catifield) Hill - still there !! Catisfield Superstore with Wine Stores/Hotel The Catisfield Superstore with Wine Stores/Hotel behind (now demolished) Catisfield Cottages .... The Terrace and The Cottage (now Monks Cottage) 1910 - and still there Catisfield Heathfield ManorHeathfield Manor (still standing - but as pub/restaurant)

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-- History - with many Images old and new

Catisfield Ancient ... and Modern

The catisfield.com Website

- Over the years the website has been used for Catisfield information AND to host the initial web presence of a variety of local orgnisations ( see below)..
Most of these have moved on to operate their own domains and websites.
Some of the old material has been left online for memories and photos

Local Active Organisations .....
CVA logo The Catisfield Village Association exists to foster a village spirit and to try to preserve or enhance the village environment.
Click here for CVA Website
[ CVA old prescence - left online for memories and photos. Click here old site ]
CMH logo The Catisfield Memorial Hall is ideal for events, parties, meetings and other activities. Very reasonable hire charges.
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CGClogo - Catisfield and District Horticultural Society is now called The Catisfield Gardening Club .
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[ CHS old prescence - left online for memories and photos. Click here for old CHS Page ]

Local Organisations once helped


- Fareham Local History Group - unfortunately closed down. It published 'FAREHAM PAST & PRESENT' - a rich collection of material about Fareham containing research material, photographs, reminiscences and correspondence. There were 97 editions, published between 1965 and 2016.
Fareham Local History Group pages . - left online as contains some useful indexing to FP&P content

FSoc The Fareham Society - now own website
SCPA The Southern Counties Pétanque Association - now own website
The Limesdowne Pétanque Club had to close when its location at The Limes closed for demolition.
LPC old site - left online as contains for history and photos
FPC The Fareham Pétanque Club successor to LPC.
has own website at FPC
Abbeyfield The Fareham Abbeyfield Society
now has presence via the National Abbeyfield organisation Abbeyfield.

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