Formed in 1959. Discovering and Capturing material about fast changing Fareham and its immediate area. It works closely with Westbury Manor Museum.

The major town between Portsmouth and Southampton, on the South Coast of England. A port, a trading centre and much history to be explored

Meetings for end-2015

October 13th SEAFARERS AND SCURVY. Prof. Duncan Colin-Jones.
December. NO MEETING.

Meetings PROGRAMME for 2016

57th Year

  • January NO MEETING.

  • February 9th IN THE SHADOW OF VESUVIUS: Pompeii and Herculaneum. Kay Ainsworth.

  • March 8th HISTORY AND LANGUAGE; is it a Load of Codswallop? Bryan Jerrard.

  • April 12th WARBLINGTON CASTLE. Phillip Adams.

  • May 10th TWENTY MILLION BRICKS; Bursledon Brick Works. Carolyn Haynes.

  • June 14th HENRY CORT. George Watts.

  • July NO MEETING.

  • August NO MEETING

  • Septhember 13th WESTBURY MANOR; House and History. Anne Baxandall.

  • October 11th THE POLIO STORY. Tim Mason.

  • November 8th BYGONE STUBBINGTON. Vivien Rolf.

  • December. NO MEETING.


'FAREHAM PAST & PRESENT' is produced twice a year by the Group. It is now at its 96th issue.
It contains research material, photographs, reminiscences and correspondence.
It publishes results of studies, requests for information, and nostalgia.


Latest Edition:

SPRING Book XIX Volume VIII --- 96th Edition
1. Editorial.
3. Ripping Yarns -- Nigel Gossop.
6. Fareham in 1916 -- John de Havilland.
15. "Tis My Delight on a Shiny Night."-- Anne Baxandall.
20. Fareham Isolation Hospital.
34 Fareham War Memorial. -- Avalon Eastman.
42. The Gringo Family. -- Pamela Wenden.
49. A Class From the Past. -- Mick Collins.
54. The Cinemas of R.A.Thomas -- By Mick Collins.

AUTUMN 2015 95th Edition Book XVIII Vol VIII. - CONTENTS
1. Editorial.
3. Bessie Parsons of Newgate Lane.
13. The Sharlands at the Tannery -- Elly Babbedge
23. Fareham war Memorial. - Avalon Estman
33. The Edney Family -- Michael Prior
38. John Garrard's Obsession. -- Ian Hussey
42. Fareham 150 years ago.-- John de Havilland
49. The Gringo Family -- Pamela Wenden
50. Fareham Board Infants ?1936 -- Bill Coker
52. Correspondence.

Front cover: Stretching the hides at Sharlands Tannery Wallington

SPRING 2015 94th Edition Book XVIIIVol VII. - CONTENTS
1. Editorial.
3. Captain Newman RN. John Seagrove.
8. Fareham in 1915. John de Haviland.
22. Fareham War Memorial. Avalon Eastman.
36. Fontley Brick and Tile Works.
38. Old Priceans' Career Updates. David Williams.
39. Price's School 1947. David Williams.
40. Fareham Isolation Hospital. 44. Memories of the Isolation Hospital. Pamela Norman.
45. What Happened to the Sims? Pamela Wenden.
51. The Other Side of the World. Stan Chandler.
53. The Gringo Family. Pamela Wenden.
55. Request for Help
56. Warsash Heritage Centre

Latest Edition:

AUTUMN 2014 93nd Edition Book XVII Vol VII. - CONTENTS
1. Editorial.
3. Fareham War Memorial. Avalon Eastman
17. Portchester's War Memorial. Graham Tarrant
21. The Coker Family Joan & Bill Coker
25. The Diary of Mrs M.A. Sims.
29. The Titchfield & Cosham Turnpike Trust. Anne Baxandall
33. Cold East , Allan Cooper
35. Redlands Lane 1908.. Mrs A. Lewis
38. Redlands Lane 2014 Pamella Wenden.
42. The Great Storm of 1703.
44. Who Owns the Mud at Fareham Quay? Pamela Wenden
47. Fareham Isolation Hospital.
51. The British Restaurant in Fareham.
53. Fareham Revisited. Gerry Farrell
56. Correspondence. Joy Walks

SPRING 2014 92nd Edition Book XVI Vol VII. - CONTENTS
1. Editorial.
2. Fareham Local History Group Meetings.
3. William Price.
6. The 1893 Renumbering of Fareham. - John de Havilland
10. West Street, Fareham. - TEH
12. Gosport Road, Fareham 1937. - Oliver Hurden
17. Fareham Isolation Hospital.
22. The Diary of Mrs M.A. Sims.
26. The Titchfield-Cosham Turnpike Road. - Anne Baxandall
29. Mary Jennie Fielder Cooper. - Allan Cooper
32. A Criminal in Our Midst. - Terry Bridger
42. Fareham in 1914. - John de Havilland
54. When the World Came to St. Mary's Portchester. - Jan Shephard
56. Correspondence.

AUTUMN 2013 91st Edition Book XV Vol VII. - CONTENTS
1. Editorial.
2. Change to Fareham Local History Group Meetings.
4. Charlie Carver -a Correction.
5. Daisy and Ray Grant
6. Ada Edds and World War II Memories.
9. Price's School and the Great War. Brian Pearce.
12. Gosport Road - Past & Present
14. Fareham Isolation Hospital.
22. Lysses House School.
34. The Diary of Mrs M.A. Sims.
40. The 1893 Renumbering of Fareham. John de Havilland
46. The Titchfield-Cosham Turnpike Road. Anne Baxandall.
51. John Sharpe. RAF Allan Cooper.
53. The Martell Family in Portchester. Bryan Jerrard & Terry Bridger.
55. Ode to the River Wallington. Stan Chandler.
56 Correspondence.

SPRING 2013 90th Edition Book XIV Vol VII. - CONTENTS
1. Editorial.
2. Fareham 700 years ago. - Pam Wenden
9. A Royal Mystery - George Watts
11. The Titchfield-Cosham Turnpike Road - Anne Baxandall
16. The Diary of Mrs M.A. Sims
20. Swanwick Basket Factory - Allan Cooper
23. Fareham Isolation Hospital.
29' Nelson's Last Secretary Thomas Goble 1780-1869 - Paul Woodman
33. Sunday Schools in Fareham and Portchester - Some Methodist Records. - Bryan Jerrard
42. Nine Lives is Just a Myth. - Stan Chandler
43. The Society of Old Priceans. - David Williams
47' Fareham 0 Portsmouth 2. - John de Havilland
48' Fareham's Lost Drinking Fountain. - John de Havilland.
51. Hidden Waterways of Fareham. - Pam Wenden
56. James Tillet.

AUTUMN 2012 89th Edition Book XIII Vol VII. - CONTENTS
1 Editorial.
2 The Titchfield-Cosham Turnpike Road. - Anne Baxandall
6 Titchfield Bonfire. - George Watts
7 I Blew it. - Stan Chandler
9 Fareham's Buses. - TEH
14. The Geography of the Wallington Basin. - AYN
17. The Diary of Mrs M.A. Sims.
21. A Free Library for Fareham - John de Havilland
29. HMS Portchester Castle. - Paul Woodman
33. Where are the Remains of James Lind 1716-1794 ? - Ruth Mitchell
40. A Market Garden in Victorian Portchester. - Bryan Jerrard
44. Johns Road Football Club. - Paul Cordery, Norman Alderton
52. Fareham Isolation Hospital. - Pamela Wenden
55. William Price, Junior - Founder of Prices School. - David Williams

SPRING 2012 88th Edition Book XII Vol VII. - CONTENTS
1. Editorial.
2. The Titchfield-Cosham Turnpike Road. -Anne Baxandall
5. At the Seaside. - George Watts
6. Fareham's Buses. - THE
12. Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club. - Don Bulman
21. The Diary of Mrs M. A. Sims.
25. The Solent Shore of Fareham - AYN
29. Women of Fareham in Wartime. - Margaret Bell
31. Fareham Isolation Hospital. - Pamela Wenden
35. Isolation Hospital. - George Watts
36. A German Bomber over Fareham - Brian Pearce
38. Where are the Remains of James Lind 1716-1794? - Ruth Mitchell
41. The Heath Family - Allan Cooper
41. Where Did They Live in 1959?
42. Rambling on Cams Alders. - THE
50. The Drinking Fountain.
51. The Reward - The True Story
54. The Late Cricket Match.
55. The History of William Price Gardens. - Old Priceans
56. The Last Delivery - Sid

AUTUMN 2011 87th Edition Book XI Vol VII. - CONTENTS
1. Editorial.
2. Tom Parker at Cams Alders.  --   THE, Anne Baxandall, Margaret Bell.
9. History of Cams Alders.  --   Pamela Wenden.
12. Diary of Mrs Sims.
17. Gerald Joseph Catcheside.  --   Paul Catcheside.
32. Coppersticks and Mangles.  --   Allan Cooper.
34. Fareham Isolation Hospital  --   Pamela Wenden.
38. The Sparrow  --   Stan Chandler.
40. Where did they live in 1959?
46. Fareham in the 1800's
50. Knight Family of Fareham  --   Michael Foley.
52. Fareham Rovers Football Club 1952 --   Brian Pearce.
53. Holy Trinity Church Sunday School Teachers 1942
54. Correspondence

SPRING 2011 86th Edition Book X Vol VII. - CONTENTS
1. Editorial.
2. 'That Worthy Church' -- Roger Ottewell
15. Five Pounds Reward.
15. Malcolm Low.
16. My Family's Fareham History -- Rosemary Woolcock
20. Heroes of Fareham. -- Brian Pearce
22. My Joining Years. -- Allan Cooper
26. A Great Loss. -- Ruth Mitchell
29. Wedding Between Rev. Alexander Arthur Headley and Eleanor Lucy Deane 4th Feb. 1890. -- John de Havilland
34. Tom Parker's Farm at Cams Alders.
35 The Diary of Mrs M.A. Sims
38. Memories Are Made of This. -- Stan Chandler
41. Where Was Hoc' Mill? -- Pamela Wenden
44. Where Did They Live in 1959?
48. Correspondence.
55. Competition. -- John de Havilland


Meetings of the Group take place on the Second Tuesday of the month, FROM FEB 2014 THEY WILL BE AT 2:30PM
At Westbury Manor Museum, West Street, Fareham.

For information about Meetings or Membership, call Mrs A Baxendall, 01329 Fareham 237 723
(Visitors welcome - £2 per meeting - but space is limited so you do need to phone first please.)
Membership is £ 8.00 per person (no combined sub.)


RIP Mrs Alice James:  Alice James (nee Hilton) was a Lancashire Lass (and proud of it!) born in September 1921. She went  to Newnham College, Cambridge, at a time when few women went to University. She taught  at a number of schools before becoming Headmistress at Wykeham House. Here she  ran a very happy ship before retiring when she married Lieut. Cdr. James ("Jimmy").
However, she continued her already well established local activities, which included founding and running Fareham Local History Group, now in its 50th year, and playing a vital part in the setting up of Westbury Manor Museum, and in the restoration of Cams Hall. She did a lot of original research into the Delme family (who lived at the Hall for over 100 years) and published four books about the Borough, drawing on her wonderful collection of photographs and postcards, as well as helping others with their volumes. In the 1960's when so much of historic interest in this country was lost, she recognised, sooner than most, the importance of local history, and kept her ear close to the ground for information on any documentation destined for the bonfire, and any fine building at risk. From the material thus collected, and which clearly required proper recording, developed the Fareham Past and Present booklets published two or three times a year, which she edited, and which are still being produced.



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